Custom Software Development

Web Enabled Applications

GLACI has been a pioneer in the area of Internet related software. In the mid 90's, we developed the first web server software to run on Novell Netware servers. We founded one of the region's first Internet Service Providers and helped many area businesses establish their initial presence on the web. This included the development of sophisticated e-commerce and shopping cart applications, back-end web server software to automate business processes, as well front-end browser based applications that leverage Javascript and Flash. Our work with the banking and insurance industry has made us experts in encryption and cyber-security technologies.

Programming languages/tools we work with:
  • Java/JSP
  • C/C++
  • PHP
  • Perl
  • Javascript
  • Adobe Flash
  • Ruby on Rails
Databases we work with often:
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • DB2

Embedded Software

Embedded software development is one of GLACI's strongest areas of expertise, especially embedded Linux systems. Our lead engineer has been a Linux developer for nearly two decades and was a contributing author to early additions of The Red Hat Linux Bible. We have developed software for medical equipment manufacturers, the auto industry, aerospace, and various other industrial electronics manufacturers. Our work has stretched from operating system customization and device driver writing to embedded 3D imaging libraries and micro webserver implementations. Most of our embedded work is done in C or C++, but we are prepared to utilize any skill within our deep pool of talent if the project requires it.

Embedded environments we have developed in include:
  • Linux (many versions)
  • Green Hills INTEGRITY
  • Wind River
  • Google Android
  • Java SE
  • Microsoft Windows

Enterprise Middleware

Our work for the banking and insurance industry has resulted in our development of some rather large enterprise middleware applications. In this area, we are strong proponents of Service Oriented Architecture design principles and utilizing industry standard protocols/interfaces to avoid vendor lock-in. Where appropriate, we recommend open source technologies to reduce cost, increase flexibility, and further reduce reliance on specific software vendors.

Entertainment and Gaming

In recent years, GLACI has begun working the entertainment and computer gaming software market. Our work has stretched from driver development for game controllers to design and development of game development environments for mobile and hand-held systems.

Leveraging Open Source Technology

A recurring theme in all our areas of expertise is our ability to, where appropriate, leverage open source technology to speed development, reduce cost, increase flexibility, and avoid vendor lock-in. Our work has included contributing fixes back to the various open source projects we depend on. GLACI considers itself a member of the growing open source community.