Training and Education Services

Technology Seminars

The talent pool at GLACI runs deep, and we love talking about the things we know. Over the years we have presented seminars on a variety of topics. Some of the more popular topics include:
  • Leveraging Open Source Technology
  • Maximizing Internet Security
  • Building Service Based Networks
  • Managing Server Migrations
We've run seminars at trade show, customer sites, an at our own 120 person capacity training facility. We enjoy talking about technology so much you can often convince us to give a seminar for free. Contact us for details.

Classroom Instruction

We also provide traditional classroom instruction, with classes ranging from half day to week long courses. Some popular topics include:
  • An Introduction to Linux and Unix
  • Building and Maintaining a LAMP Server
  • Creating Dynamic Web Sites Using PHP
  • An Introduction to Java Programming
  • Learning and Using Javascript
  • Creating AJAX Applications
We can also create custom curriculums to meet your specific business needs.

Individual Training

We also provide individual training and mentoring on an hourly fee basis. This type of one-on-one education is often combined with our system support or software development consulting services to rapidly recover from the loss of a critical employee.

Computer Based Training

GLACI is developing cutting edge computer based training software under our SkillTrek trademark. It will provide interactive, adaptive instruction that simulates real world interaction with technology. Our focus is on skills and problem solving, not just memorization. Check back in coming months to see the free beta version of our introductory Linux tutorial.