Consulting Services

Originally founded under the name Great Lakes Area Commercial Internet, GLACI was incorporated in 1996 and has been providing a broad array of technology consulting services ever since. While many of our customers remain in the Great Lakes region, our work has stretched across the United States and into Canada and Europe. We specialize in custom software development but also provide network and system support services as well as technology training and computer based learning services. We consider ourselves experts at leveraging open source technology to lower costs and maximize efficiency.

Current Rates

Service Type Senior Engineer Rate Associate Rate
Software Development $110 / hour $65 / hour
Network/Server Support * $75 / hour $55 / hour
Web Site Construction $60 / hour $35 / hour
Seminars / Training ** $85 / hour N/A
* There is a $40 trip charge for on-site emergency service.
** Seminars and Training charges include prep time

Software Development

GLACI has extensive experience developing many types of software, but two categories really stand out: Web Based Applications and Embedded Systems. We also have extensive experience developing enterprise middleware that utilizes Service Oriented Architecture design principles.

System Support

Our expertise in network and system support services derives from our roots as an Internet Service Provider. Right from the beginning, we worked with large networks, heavily utilized servers, and a diverse customer base. We became experts on network security and squeezing maximum value from hardware and network infrastructure. We have become particularly expert at consolidating servers and migrating network environments, helping various clients when they acquire or merge with other business entities. We also provide remote management services under support contract or time and material terms.

Technology Training

Over the years, GLACI has also provided technology training for many of our clients, both through one-on-one mentoring and classroom based course material. More recently, we have begun developing computer based training software under our trademarked SkillTrek product name.